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High Altitude Safety Helmet NORTHPRO

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High Altitude Safety Helmet NORTHPRO

Safety helmet is well ventilated with PP sahell and 4 point webbing susprention system. The helmet comes with 4 clips carrying external headlamps, a new UP-N-Down size adjustment system with a central rachet wheel and two lateral finger push winglets for an ultimate fit. The helmet comes with ten air intakes which provide efficient cooling and ventilation. The airintakes on the outer shell is equipped with protective aluminum anti-intrution grille that prevents entry of debris into the helmet.

Helmet specification:

Standard: EN 397

Outer shell: PP, Polypropylene

Size: universal 51-62 cm headform

Weight: 375 g

Attachment of headlamps: nylon clips

Helmets are available in all colors by special order.

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