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  1. When ordering the Goods, you can choose the method of delivery of the Goods y. to use the Goods delivery service provided by the courier (third party). You can choose delivery to LP EXPRESS post offices or home delivery service, DPD courier.
  2. By choosing the Goods delivery service at the time of ordering, you undertake to indicate the exact place of delivery of the Goods.
  3. You undertake to accept the Goods yourself or to indicate the person who will collect the Goods at the time of placing the order. In the event that you (or another person specified) cannot accept the Goods and the Goods are delivered to the specified address and based on other data provided by the Buyer, you are not entitled to make claims to the Company regarding delivery of the Goods to the wrong entity.
  4. The delivery fee is calculated depending on the size of your order and the place of delivery.
  5. When you want the Goods to be delivered outside Lithuania, the delivery terms of the order are coordinated by a separate agreement.
  6. If you place an order in other cities in Lithuania (not Vilnius), the Company or a third party will deliver the Goods within 2-4 business days. In the event of any problems or shortages of the Goods, the Company will immediately notify you of a possible longer delivery time for the Goods and, if you are satisfied, the Company will continue to deliver the order. In case the longer delivery term of the Goods provided by the Company does not satisfy you, the submitted order is canceled and the amount of money paid by you is refunded in accordance with the procedure established in these Rules.
  7. In all cases, the Company is released from liability for violation of the terms of delivery of the Goods, if the Goods are not delivered to you or are not delivered on time due to your fault or due to circumstances beyond the Company’s control.
  8. The Company is not responsible for any act, omission or event from the moment the Goods were handed over to the company providing the goods delivery services (courier). In the event that the packaging you have received has external defects, you must inform the courier at the time of delivery of the Goods.
  9. At the time of delivery of the Goods to you or your authorized person, you (or your authorized person) together with the Seller or the courier who delivered the Goods to you must check the condition of the consignment and the Product (s) and sign the consignment delivery-acceptance document. (After the introduction of the quarantine regime in the country, the Seller may adjust the procedure described in this clause). (After the introduction of the quarantine regime in the country, the Seller may adjust the procedure described in this clause).
  10. 336 / 5000 Translation results If you notice that the packaging of the submitted consignment is damaged, the Product (s) is (are) damaged and / or the Product (s) are not properly assembled, you must indicate this in the delivery-acceptance document of the consignment and in the presence of the Seller or his courier (third party). ), to draw up a report of damage / non-conformity of the free-form consignment and / or the Product (s). By not performing such actions, the Company is released from liability to you for damage to the Goods, quality, assembly, packaging, which you did not mark in the delivery document.







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